Zendesk: Seamless Customer Engagements to Enhance Business Opportunities

Zendesk: Seamless Customer Engagements to Enhance Business Opportunities

Mikkel Svane, CEO, ZendeskMikkel Svane, CEO
A good customer relationship not only builds a contented customer base, but influences revenue. Every interaction with the customer on day-to-day basis must cater to their needs. Businesses understand that customers are the most valuable assets, and helping them improve the overall customer experience for better successes is San Francisco based Zendesk, [NYSE: ZEN]. The company’s customer-service platform provides a holistic view of each interpersonal interaction in real time for a fulfilling overall customer experience, and builds customer relationships that are more meaningful, personal, and productive.
With a focus on better customer support, the firm has built—Zendesk Voice, cloud-based call center software that helps agents engage in more personal and productive conversations with customers. It offers flexible IVR, group routing and real-time queue monitoring and insights about an on-going process. The key highlight of the software is that it helps the customers to sign up for phone numbers, take inbound calls, make outbound calls, transcribe voicemails and automatically create tickets directly from the support center. Zendesk streamlines the customers’ support issues and ticket (vital information for the account and issue encountered) workflow with time-saving tools like ticket views, triggers, and automations, delivering more meaningful conversations. Generally tickets are assigned through some VIP customer to a particular agent, which involves a manual process and consumes time. By setting up a trigger, Zendesk can do this task automatically.

To reduce the unnecessary burden for the customers such as filling in technical issues or submit a ticket through the email composer, the firm provides— Embeddables, a combination of Zendesk API, Web Widget, and Mobile SDKs for both Android and iOS. It allows developers to embed Zendesk functionality—Help Center, Chat, or Tickets natively into any app, website, or standalone device.

Zendesk believes that a better customer experience starts with better software; in fact, self-service is quickly becoming customers’ most preferred channel for support

This helps maintain brand consistency, increases the efficiency of support interactions, and keeps friction to a minimum for customers.

Mikkel Svane, Founder and CEO of Zendesk believes that a better customer experience starts with better software; in fact, self-service is quickly becoming customers’ most preferred channel for support. “It is pro-active customer engagement, rather than a reactive service,” delineates Svane. Zendesk makes it easy to deliver seamless self-service experiences and reduce support requests with the fully customizable—Help Center, a knowledge base online community, and an all-in-one self-service portal. The effectiveness of Help Center can be better understood from one of their client success story. ‘Charity: Water’, a non-profit organization that aims at delivering clean and safe water in the developing nations. To accomplish this goal the client intended to provide the best possible customer experience to their supporters. Zendesk deployed Help Center in their operation systems, enabling them to reach out for 1:1 support and with tools like macros and user tags, ensuring every interaction to be fast, accurate, and on brand. “Having the ability to talk to our customers anytime and keeping a running total of all the people we’re talking to is absolutely necessary,” says Kaitlyn Jankowski, Supporter Experience Manager at Charity: Water.

Since inception, Zendesk is focused on shaping the way customer support can be enhanced and how better customer satisfaction can be delivered. “Over the last five or six years, the notion of customer service has changed from just being a call center to something where the organizations can create real meaningful long-term relationships with their customers,” beams Svane. For the future, Zendesk will continue to build softwares based on machine learning and predictive analytics to make customer conversations easy and more productive.