ProLogic Retail Services: Increase Revenue and Shopper Loyalty with Customized Solutions

ProLogic Retail Services: Increase Revenue and Shopper Loyalty with Customized Solutions

CIO VendorRoss Ely, President & CEO
Supermarkets today are going beyond in-store demonstrations to engage shopper interactions by integrating multi-channel marketing strategies—taking the storefronts to wherever the customers are. However, to achieve such marketing strategies, a major challenge in the grocery industry is to gain meaningful insights from shopper data. “Grocers generate tremendous amounts of data and they know they should be analyzing it, but accomplishing this goal can be a challenge,” remarks Ross Ely, President and CEO, ProLogic Retail Services. To address this need, the Delray Beach, FL-based ProLogic Retail Services offers solutions with integrated data analytics tools to discern patterns and trends from the shopper data and deliver targeted offers through any customer channel.

ProLogic has been in business for over two decades enabling grocers to gain powerful insights from their shopper data. The company enables independent grocers to classify their shoppers into distinct segments, including highest volume, profitable, occasional, new and category-affinity shoppers. The grocer can then specifically target individual shoppers or segments of shoppers with relevant offers based on their past purchase data. These personalized offers deliver higher rates of redemption, leading to higher sales, additional data and even better targeting in a positive feedback cycle. ProLogic works with independent grocers to deliver these offers through online, mobile and social channels.

ProLogic also provides dedicated reporting on each segment so that grocers can track the growth of key segments and migration of shoppers among segments. The company uses the IBM Cognos reporting portal which enables grocers to query the ProLogic data warehouse to produce standard and custom reports that deliver insight about their shoppers’ behavior.

The company is singularly focused on loyalty marketing and CRM, in contrast to competitors who offer a myriad of other services as well. “This focus enables ProLogic to stay at the leading edge of the loyalty and analytics industry and to extend our lead over competitors in the areas of data analysis and personalized targeted promotions,” says Ely.

Our platform delivers personalized discounts, points-based rewards and other offers based on a quantitative analysis of shoppers’ purchases

Recently, ProLogic developed a new product called Loyalty Express that addressed retailer requirements for a streamlined, self-managed solution. As part of Loyalty Express, ProLogic now offers PromoExpress, an easy-to-use tool which enables retailers to build their own simple promotions.

Furthermore, the firm’s loyalty solution serves as a platform onto which third-party enhancements can be added; including fuel rewards programs, receipt-scanning rebate programs and beacon apps. “Our platform delivers personalized discounts, points-based rewards and other offers based on a quantitative analysis of shoppers’ purchases,” asserts Ely. “We work closely with our grocery retailers to understand their unique requirements and develop customized loyalty solutions aimed at increasing the retailers' sales and profits.” By combining technology, consulting, and customer support in a marketing platform, the company helps create a range of loyalty programs - from simple digital coupons to complex, targeted marketing campaigns.

“We have over 10 million households enrolled in our loyalty programs with grocery retailers,” says Ely. In one instance, ProLogic aided a 49 store chain located in the Mid-West in identifying and retaining its top shoppers. With ProLogic’s loyalty program, the client witnessed an increase in its top shoppers by 23 percent.

“ProLogic is trying to capitalize on the industry momentum around data analytics and personalization,” says Ely. As every retailer understands the importance of analyzing shopper data and gaining insights, the company is focused on delivering this capability to retailers with increased clarity, ease of use and value. “We will continue to pioneer new ways to help retailers build lasting relationships with their customers,” concludes Ely.

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