MarketLive: The Omni Channel e-Commerce Trailblazer

MarketLive: The Omni Channel e-Commerce Trailblazer

Ken Burke, CEO & Founder, MarketLiveKen Burke, CEO & Founder
From brick-and-mortar stores to e-commerce websites, the retail industry has entered a new era—the age of the consumer—where maintaining effective customer relationships is vital to stay competitive. Retailers are now implementing new generation Customer Relation Management (CRM) software to showcase their brand at its very best, every time a customer interacts with them via any channel. “Consumers are walking into brick-and-mortar stores with extensive product information and pricing knowledge. They are literally standing there in the store with their phone in their hands, researching about the product,” begins Ken Burke, Founder and CEO, MarketLive. However, many of the issues that plagued retailers years back still persist today as they try to optimize these interactions on a wide variety and ever-expanding array of devices available to shoppers. Based in Petaluma, CA, MarketLive addresses this challenge by providing e-commerce technology and services that assist retail companies to better sell goods and accelerate market revenue. The company provides innovative and nimble solutions that enable retailers to launch engaging shopping sites quickly and easily. Further it offers a Customer Driven Commerce approach that is delivered through a series of product suites integrated into one omni-channel e-commerce platform, serving all channels and touchpoints.

With an industry presence of two decades, MarketLive delivers tools and strategic expertise—designed to help organizations optimize every customer interaction, irrespective of time and place. By combining integrated channel data, customer profiling and personalization, and a complete, flexible suite of end-to-end e-commerce solution functionality, MarketLive takes CRM to the next level of effectiveness. The company coalesces its deep and broad omni-channel retail experience with state-of-the-art technology and merchant self-serve tools for a centralized management of one-to-one customer experiences. This allows merchants to respond to individual shopper preferences and channel-path-to-purchase characteristics with dynamic content and interface displays to increase on-the-spot conversion, reduce cart abandonment, boost order size, and drive revenue.

MarketLive developed its responsive design approach with integrated merchant and development tools to enable merchants to capitalize on this mobile trend

The company provides functionality to optimize every step of the marketing cycle by offering an advanced CRM platform, designed to enhance Search Engine Marketing (SEM), facilitate e-commerce email campaigns, and simplify affiliate programs and placement on comparison-shopping portals with built-in tools and features. “MarketLive developed its responsive design approach with integrated merchant and development tools to enable merchants to capitalize on this mobile trend. A responsive design ensures our retailer customers provide a positive and engaging shopping experience for their mobile shoppers,” says Burke.

MarketLive’s Social Experience Manager enables merchants to take social commerce strategy to the next level by engaging, incentivizing, and learning from shoppers in order to convert social activity from leads to sales. With the platform-integrated suite of social login, social apps and contests, and brand loyalty programs, merchants can extend their commerce brand, increase conversions and revenue, and improve customer targeting by tapping into rich social graph data with retail e-commerce software. Additionally, MarketLive CRM aids retailers to come up with appropriate promotions and discounts, email marketing, and profile driven remarketing. With targeted messaging and scenario design tools, merchants have the technology they need to create dynamic, one-to-one campaigns and promotions that result in higher conversion rates and increased revenue.

MarketLive was recently acquired by Vista Equity Partners and has merged with retail enterprise Shopatron, and Fiverun, a mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) company, to create a unified omnichannel commerce solutions company called Kibo. Forging ahead, MarketLive will continue to enhance its product line and incorporate tools across internet shopping websites. The company plans to focus on changing the commerce landscape with the launch of new e-commerce sites and the latest innovations in retail technology that integrate profitable e-commerce trends