RoboRewards: Powering the Loyalty Rewards Experience

RoboRewards: Powering the Loyalty Rewards Experience

CIO VendorJonathan Ingram, Founder & CEO
An important aspect that contributes to the success of any business is ‘brand loyalty.’ According to Jonathan Ingram, Founder and CEO, RoboRewards, “Building brand loyalty requires an effective loyalty rewards program that increases customer base, visit frequency, and spend per transaction.”

As businesses are adopting visual web elements and automated marketing solutions, they often struggle to deliver a seamless multi-channel reward program. “Most companies are looking for customized loyalty reward solutions and integrations that work within their existing business environment without any additional steps,” notes Ingram. RoboRewards offers a Plug-n-Play omnichannel experience through dynamic, customized reward programs individualized for each end user. “Our goal is to be the leading loyalty program software provider by having the most up-to-date, automated marketing solution focused on increasing company revenues.”

RoboRewards has multiple reward program types such as Time-based, Single-tier, Multi-tier, VIP, E-commerce, and SPIFF. Each of these program types offers intelligent marketing features and benefits based on reward point accumulation, behaviors, and actions taken by the end user. Following a three-step approach—discovery, documentation, and implementation—the company ensures that every project comes in on time and meets the client’s needs within the set budget. “We customize all designs, marketing rules, and reward program rules based on the customer needs,” says Ingram. The company then delivers the right message to the right end user at the right time, via the right media and device with smart marketing features. “We’ve custom-built an email, and SMS engine with dynamic content features; being our business communications are tailored specifically for each end user using a combination of flexible business rules, our communications keep us on their radar versus the spam folder.”

We customize all designs, marketing rules, and reward program rules based on the customer’s unique needs

Marketers can capture new customers through multiple entry points including SMS shortcodes, tablet kiosk forms, web forms, software plugins, and Facebook lead ads, to name a few. The flexibility allows end users to sign up easily, and receive reward point visibility and transaction history on any device. The end user profile includes rewards redemption and bonus point incentives such as friend referring, social sharing, surveys, and user profile completion— allowing businesses to collect any required data for segmented marketing.

With a robust API, RoboRewards can easily integrate into any existing business without changing their current workflow. For those customers moving from an outdated or underperforming program, the software simplifies importing member data and past historical transactions. The RoboRewards platform can accommodate anything from a single location business up to worldwide franchise chains. “Depending on the size of the business and requirements, we typically have a reward program running in as little as two days up to two weeks if no significant customizations are required.” Ingram cites an example of online wineries using a POS platform that was unable to provide the necessary marketing features. In three weeks, RoboRewards developed a custom API integration allowing numerous wineries to implement a loyalty program into their existing workflow. Consequently, the wineries continued using their POS solution enhanced by RoboRewards’ automated marketing features. “The wineries benefit by gaining greater insight into their customer's preferences and behaviors enabling smarter marketing and more targeted messaging to increase revenue and better serve their customers.”

For the road ahead, RoboRewards has committed to furthering the development of new reward and marketing technologies. “Our primary mission is to increase client’s revenue and improve customer engagement and retention via smart, automated, reward marketing features,” concludes Ingram.