Proximity Insight: Driving Retailers to Success

Proximity Insight: Driving Retailers to Success

Kris Moyse, Co-Founder, Proximity InsightKris Moyse, Co-Founder
In the current retail landscape, the power of CRM data is driving customer loyalty. It helps retailers better understand customer behavior and enhance business value.

With Proximity Insight, retailers can access real-time customer data, allowing their sales associates to provide a personalized shopping experience. Their strategic mobile platform integrates iBeacon and other location technologies with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data to deliver powerful results. Proximity Insight provides tools that allow their clients to build stronger, scalable, and more personal relationships between store associates and their customers.

Their solutions help clients build enhanced relationships with their customers to increase sales in their brick and mortar shops. While e-commerce is a booming industry with easy access to consumer data and insights, the real challenge retailers face is in their stores. Kris Moyse, Co-founder of Proximity Insight, explains, “In store, touch points are present for 80-90 percent of retail sales and this is expected to remain consistent over the next ten years, this is the single biggest missed opportunity faced by the retail industry.”

Today, there are many avenues available for retailers to access customer data for their clienteling. It is a technique used by retail sales associates to establish long-term relationships with key customers based on data about their preferences, behaviors, and purchases. “We offer Dynamic Clienteling business tools to help sales associates navigate the entire customer lifecycle and drive sales by providing the best customers to contact, in what channel, with what messaging, and at what time,” notes Moyse. With a focus on easy-to-use sales tools that are intelligent and provide an exceptional user experience, Proximity Insight ensures superior utilization thus resulting in the highest uplift in sales.

The benefit provided by Proximity Insight does not end with an improved customer experience. By allowing the sales associate access to various levels of data, they can see how these tools are increasing their sales.

We offer Dynamic Clienteling business tools to help sales associates navigate the entire customer lifecycle and drive sales

Internally, the tools allow the retailers to build a community among their sales team while developing their personal affinity for the brand which helps with retention. From a back-office point of view, there is a full reporting suite that creates operational efficiencies by delivering streamlined reports with a combined view of online and in-store sales and key performance indicators.

More meaningful touch points equate to more traffic, which is exactly what Jaeger—UK-based fashion brand and retailer—found when they implemented Dynamic Clienteling to transform the way their staff engaged with customers. Their objective was to provide personalized customer experiences from online to the shop-floor. Proximity Insight was able to compare the results between customers who received personal outreach as a result of their tools versus customers who were contacted using sophisticated marketing automation. Moyse states, “24 percent of customers who received a personal touch from store associates returned for a second purchase, compared to only 2 percent of the group contacted by the marketing automation program.”

The key point of difference that separates the Proximity Insight team from its competitors is how they work with customers. Everyone in the organization is passionate about customer success, understanding that each customer is different. The Proximity Insight employees have diverse backgrounds, from retail, data analysis, CRM, and enterprise solutions. They understand the goals and challenges that are unique to each of their clients and create tailored solutions to meet their individual needs.

Looking forward, Proximity Insight will continue to disrupt the retail and CRM landscape; expansion goals include offices in Paris, Milan, and London.Their plan for the future is to gain a deeper understanding of customer needs to discover additional touch points and understand the impact that they have, to promote increased customer interaction and grow sales.