Como: Como Sense-The Swiss Army Knife for Happy Customers

Como: Como Sense-The Swiss Army Knife for Happy Customers

Liran Mayost, Co-founder & COO, ComoLiran Mayost, Co-founder & COO
Como, founded in 2005, is a global leader in customer management solutions for retail and restaurant chains. Their flagship product, Como Sense, goes beyond CRM, BI, loyalty, and mobile by combining these capabilities into one powerful Swiss Army knife of tools to help businesses drive repeat business and sales.

What differentiates Como from their competition is the integration with Point Of Sale (POS) software to create a cloud-based solution where all the tools work together like a well-oiled machine, including connectivity with any third-party services such as online ordering and e-commerce. “Retailers need multiple services that can interact,” Mayost explains. “While other vendors may sell singular solutions that do not easily integrate with other software, Como offers a single platform that provides a diversity of tools in one place. We provide retailers with everything they need, and everything they will ever need.” Most importantly, the resulting customer data is all centralized, available, and actionable through Como Sense.

Retailers with Como Sense offer consumers the personalized rewards, mobile experience, and multi-channel communication that they expect in the digital world. The business-branded mobile app includes features such as mobile catalogs, e-stores, loyalty programs, and coupons. “Usually, businesses develop a mobile app that functions in a silo and cannot interact with their other business systems,” explains Liran Mayost, Co-founder and COO of Como. “Como Sense provides an integrated tool for building a mobile app that is dynamic and natively connected to the platform.”

Como Sense puts retailers into the world of big data, while making it possible for them to keep the personal touch regardless of how many customers they have.

Retailers need multiple services that can interact. While other vendors may sell singular solutions that do not easily integrate with other software, Como offers a single platform that provides a diversity of tools in one place

For the first time, businesses enjoy a full data picture of each customer, with demographic info, preferences, purchase history, and more. They collect valuable business insights as well as the means to act on them— with smart automations that deliver the right incentives at the right time, constantly adding customers to a loyal membership base that returns again and again, spending more each time.

Como provides clients with an adaptable solution that can be scaled to each unique business. A dedicated success manager works with each retailer to set up the customized solution that’s right for his business needs and will evolve as the business landscape changes.

Como has a wide variety of client success stories in the retail and restaurant industries. For example, a gas station convenience store chains ought to increase purchases in the store by gas customers. By using actionable data analysis to match promotions to customer behavior, such as habitual fill-up times, time of day, and purchase history, they increased both frequency and spend by more than 40 percent.

As an international company operational in 15 countries, Como expects to expand their geographical reach in the upcoming years and continue to source best practices from all over the world. Their vision for the future includes improving deep learning tools to extract more insights and anomalies from data, and developing tools in the fields of augmented reality, bots, mobile and web widgets, and payment applications. They remain dedicated to adapting the flexible Como Sense platform to scale with each client, while continually providing innovations to keep them at the cutting edge of their industries.

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