NetSuite [NTSE: N]: Optimized CRM Solutions to Simplify Business Processes

NetSuite [NTSE: N]: Optimized CRM Solutions to Simplify Business Processes

Zach Nelson, CEO, Netsuite [NYSE:N]Zach Nelson, CEO
Apart from helping retailers manage relationships with their customers, CRM solutions also automate business processes to quickly respond to customer needs and innovation. In today’s digital environment, businesses are in need of integrated CRM software that gives transparency into the entire customer lifecycle. Transforming the customer experience and delivering a 360 degree view of the customer is NetSuite [NTSE: N]. The company helps retailers to manage core business processes, while providing real-time consolidation and visibility. Based in San Mateo, CA, NetSuite’s business management software runs complex, mission-critical business processes in the cloud. “With the adoption of fully integrated CRM software solution and increased productivity, we are enabling firms to lower IT costs significantly,” begins Zach Nelson, CEO, NetSuite.

With an aim to make retailer organizations more efficient, NetSuite provides valuable insights to increase sales, and streamline processes. Their CRM software offers a seamless flow of information across the entire customer lifecycle. “Our customers believe that NetSuite is the system that has the capability to run all their mission-critical business operations in one single software solution,” says Nelson. The CRM capabilities include Sales Force Automation (SFA), marketing automation, customer support and service, and flexible customization.

To automate the operations in sales force sector, NetSuite SFA provides exact record of each opportunity and its status as well as a complete view of the lookout and real-time access to it. Using SFA, organizations are improving sales performance through forecasting, upsell and commission management. With advanced forecasting and quote management capabilities of CRM, NetSuite believes in building reliability, predictability, and trust into the sales process to categorize the appropriate transaction, provide actual sales and projections of recurring revenue in forecasts and variances, and give weighted measurement of pending opportunities with the ability to make adjustments.

With the adoption of fully integrated CRM software solution and increased productivity, we are enabling firms to lower IT costs significantly

NetSuite CRM’s call center capability enables organizations to serve customers quickly and efficiently to increase productivity across their organization. The company also helps organization in automating their marketing process by allowing them to align campaigns and programs with sales efforts.

In one instance, one of NetSuite’s clients, Alton Lane, provider of an innovative approach to the custom-made clothing wanted to access reliable, real-time data for coordination and collaboration across multiple locations and stakeholders, irrespective of the time and place. The company teamed with NetSuite and used its unified platform to manage vendor relationships and transactions with elite suppliers of cotton, wool and cashmere. The platform performed as a system of record with integrated CRM, financials, inventory and order management to deliver a highly personalized customer experience to Alton Lane’s customers. “Being able to connect all customers, orders, inventories and financial information, the NetSuite’s unified platform has given us a more holistic view of the business down to the smallest details. This level of visibility was just not possible with our previous systems,” says Justin Stevens, Director of Domestic Operations, Alton Lane.

“Our focus is on cloud-based, unified systems that deliver unprecedented capabilities to drive customers’ businesses,” says Nelson. In coming years, the company will continue to innovate and expand the CRM software solutions with new features that allow global businesses to expand their operations and adapt rapidly on a business platform. NetSuite is aiming to provide a back office suite in the cloud that enables enterprises to manage a global domain completely in the cloud from any terrestrial location.

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