SugarCRM: Amplifying Customer Relation in an Open Source Platform

SugarCRM: Amplifying Customer Relation in an Open Source Platform

Larry Augustin, Chairman & CEO, SugarCRMLarry Augustin, Chairman & CEO
Customer Relation Management (CRM) is a central hub for information about customers–a critical data source for human and digital touchpoints during customer engagement. When it comes to retail business, CRM no more limits to in-store interactions alone. With the escalation of online business channels, CRM solutions now take into consideration both online and offline transactions. To build customer loyalty and expand a business irrespective of its kind, SugarCRM deploys the best of opensource CRM solutions that well integrates with e-commerce platforms, in-store and point-of-sale(POS) systems.

The company offers omni channel solution to manage all customer touchpoints. Integration of point of sale makes their CRM software an ideal choice for retailers. POS makes Sugar services mobile and networkable, which therefore can be used for online customers as well. In case of online marketers, Sugar aims to boost traffic and loyalty. For shopkeepers, the target is to improve in-store experience and retain repeated sales. A careful mapping of marketing campaigns clubbed with SugarCRM services can create potential difference to a business, by directly impacting the customer purchase decision. POS integrated in their systems tracks consumer behavior through prior online transactions or social media, to allow online marketers reach the prospective customer base.

For easy access of customer data, Sugar offers web based CRM software, SugarUX, where retailers can gather contextual intelligence about each of their probable buyers, resource companies or social channels. It’s inline editing system can be used to generate streamlined forecasting; a combination of this with relevant insight can create lucrative marketing plans. The timely, actionable information that SugarUX deliver allows enterprises to create engagements with consumers and thus standout from peers.

In essence, we try to add the type of customer profiles that yield value to retailers and include that in our CRM solutions

Every retailer performs certain daily tasks. Using, Sugar Enterprise these daily tasks can be automatically executed through cloud deployment making work flow timely and simple. The solution has three editions that retailers can choose from depending on respective requirements and budgets. To reduce IT complexity and cost, this can be merged with any existing software ecosystem and does not require additional plug-in, which makes it affordable and devoid of IT complexities.

Opt for any of the SugarCRM platform and each are equipped with high end sales force automation (SFA), marketing management and customer support. The aim as described by Larry Augustin, CEO of SugarCRM, “In essence, we try to add the type of customer profiles that yield value to retailers and include that in CRM solutions.”

To be at par in the mobile and social media space, Sugar extends its offering list to Sugar Ultimate that creates reliable customer forecast without the need of prolong data entry. Counted best among all other solutions, this one has 24X7 application and developer support and builds e ngaging CRM solutions both for offline and online clients.

The largest distributor of Coca Cola deployed Sugar Professional On-Demand to increase their order without bothering their sales team. Sugar re-defined their customer relationship plans and generated new distribution channels, contributing to the profits of the company. In the retail sector, other clients of Sugar include Reebok, Marathon, Men’s WearHouse and more.

With upsurge of internet use in human life, Sugar is now in plan to focus its CRM plans o ver mobile space and social media, from big data and cloud. While keeping in par with IT standards, Sugar proposes to continue their contribution for business glorifications.

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