Infoglen: Key is to Align with the Client's Goals

Infoglen: Key is to Align with the Client's Goals

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Haroon Ahmad, CEO and Chief Salesforce Architect, InfoglenHaroon Ahmad, CEO and Chief Salesforce Architect
Infoglen founders Haroon and Saba know that today organizations are challenged with finding trusted partners who can understand their pain points from a functional level align with their goals, and then provide solutions that can address those requirements, and help in extracting the best possible ROI. Infoglen brings the right combination of technical and functional capabilities along with the domain knowledge, and this helps the company in formulating robust solutions for their customers.

Silicon Valley based Infoglen has been providing customized Salesforce CRM solutions to small, medium and large enterprises across multiple industries including Network Security, HiTech, FinTech, Staffing & Payroll, Telecom, Enterprise Software, Non-Profits, and HealthCare. Founded by ex- Googlers, Infoglen's team consists of CRM technology and business consultants, who bring special solution development and deployment practices that keep the customer engagement at the center of end to end planning and action. Infoglen's strategy is to have select customers, and the company's high focus on innovation has ensured repeat business and long term associations. Multiple organizations across the U.S. are working with Infoglen to enhance their market share, profitability, and customer delight.

What makes Infoglen special?

• Technically diverse team with over 125 certifications ensures high quality and robust Salesforce customization

• Customer centric processes ensure clearer ‘need definition’ for realistic costings and timelines

• High focus on RoI driven innovation helps in deployment of future ready best in class solutions

• Geographically spread team with application specific skills makes high quality support easy

• High degree of interactive planning leads to better expectation management

Case Studies - You Have to be a Game Changer

Already a Salesforce Silver partner within a span of three years, instances where Infoglen provided transformative solutions are many.
Saba Ahmad, Founder
Out of numerous projects that they have delivered so far, many have got a '5 out of 5' Customer Satisfaction Rating. In one instance, a Bay Area major tech company needed a call center solution for their Phone and Field operations. Infoglen implemented a service cloud solution for high productivity call center and lightning field service module to optimize travel time & resource allocation of Field Service technicians which resulted in significant increase in productivity of the agents. In another instance, a Massachusetts based non-profit organization for education startups was grappling with customer on-boarding and membership renewals. Infoglen's Partner Portal solution helped them get a single, uniform view of customers and partners that led to productivity growth by over 20 percent in a short time. Similarly, sales team at a California based mid-sized media house that offers media, arts and film production services was struggling with lead management and conversion due to unavailability of intelligent and actionable data. After Infoglen customized their Sales Cloud for prioritized and pin pointed lead tracking, their sales went up by over 60 percent within a matter of months, along with significant cost savings in manpower due to better resource deployment. In another case, a Minneapolis based enterprise communications service provider had a challenge in making their sales and service platforms work together to roll out services faster. After Infoglen did their Lightning Migration, the customer service team now gets a 360 degree view, with a 150 percent improvement in the service delivery time.

What's Next - Democratize CRM

Customer relationship management is becoming a massive differentiator that more and more organizations are turning to CRM platforms to delight their customers and expand business and profitability. Infoglen believes that there are thousands of organizations, not just in the U.S. but the world over, with wonderful products and services and great dreams, who have not even set out on this journey. Infoglen's dream is to get every one of these organizations to understand the power of enhancing customer relationships through Salesforce CRM. To achieve that dream, Infoglen is in the process of setting up a Global CRM Resource & Innovation Center that will help organizations make their CRM journey easy, affordable, and innovation oriented. Infoglen is also working towards building a high quality CRM talent pool to support the growth rush, globally.
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San Jose, CA

Haroon Ahmad, CEO and Chief Salesforce Architect and Saba Ahmad, Founder

Infoglen is a Silicon Valley-based CRM services provider. The organization is a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner specializing in delivering high-quality salesforce solutions and helping their clients to leverage the platform of to increase effectiveness and efficiency. The company specializes in providing high quality and a broad range of CRM Solutions and Services to help their clients cultivate methods to transform your customer experience and foster innovation in your organization. The company brings together a compelling blend of engineering talent and business experience to gather a team that can deliver the right solution for a business