AlphaBOLD: Helping AEC and Manufacturing Industry Embrace Digital Transformation

AlphaBOLD: Helping AEC and Manufacturing Industry Embrace Digital Transformation

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Tayyab Ali, VP Consulting, AlphaBOLDTayyab Ali, VP Consulting
Opting for digital transformation is a bold move. And the sooner the better. However, entities in the AEC and manufacturing space, who may not be so IT savvy requires the guidance of the “alphas.” CRMs are to a great extend synonymous to digital transformation and entities in the space requires CRM tools that are well aligned with process and functions such as sales, collaboration, and reporting....

For architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) and manufacturing companies, managing customer relations and driving engagement requires CRM tools that are well aligned with process and functions such as sales, collaboration, and reporting. Today, most of the workforce across these sectors is mobile, and their workflows are inherently spread-out, making it imperative for the companies to achieve a bird’s eye view of the operations. A unified view of operations can augment the CRM’s capabilities while improving the process transparency, tracking, reporting, and compliance. However, achieving these objectives is a difficult task as AEC and manufacturing companies often deal with domains that are not IT related. These’ not-so- IT-savvy’ folks have little knowledge on the ‘hows’ of embracing digital transformation, even though they know the importance of ‘whys.’ This is where AlphaBOLD steps in, with their technology expertise, and dedicated employees that they describe as “BOLDEnthusiasts.”

AlphaBOLD primarily specializes in delivering solutions around Microsoft Dynamics 365, the end-to-end solution that knits ERP, CRM, and other functions to streamline processes across sales, project service automation, marketing, and more.

AlphaBOLD’s team of skilled professionals, the BOLDEnthusiasts works closely with clients to flex the offering such that it aligns well with their specific requirements.
BOLDEnthusiasts go the extra mile in deploying the solution in an agile manner while enabling its seamless integration with other offerings like Microsoft Office365, SharePoint for team collaboration, and Power BI for robust analytics. AlphaBOLD also has deep expertise in AI, IoT, and Blockchain, using which they create limitless possibilities of innovation for their clients.

“Taking it a notch higher, we have a purpose-built solution called BOLDBuild that is packaged atop the Dynamics 365 stack,” says Tayyab Ali, VP of consulting at AlphaBOLD. The solution can unify disparate functions and workers on the site directly to the clients’ office and is capable of automating inventory and equipment management, on-field operations, and even sales. BOLDBuild enables field workers to capture information (and photographs) through their mobile devices that can be transferred to the right personnel (superiors) to keep them updated on project progress and whereabouts in a timely and paper-free manner. “We have a business intelligence solution on top of BOLDBuild which helps workers, contractors, and other personnel to generate relevant forecasts,” adds Tayyab. The solution has modules for equipment tracking as well as accounting integration with ERP systems. In addition, AlphaBOLD has an IoT/AI-based BOLDConnect solution that can connect with sensors in manufacturing units and distill performance analytics and reports for executive teams. AlphaBOLD plans to soon augment the offering with machine learning capabilities to help companies carry out predictive maintenance.

A key differentiator for AlphaBOLD is their client onboarding process and the relationship they maintain with clients. The firm adopts the stance of a trusted advisor for their clients while providing business and technology consulting services. BOLDEnthusiasts work closely with clients to identify the problem at hand and break it down to solvable units. They go about achieving this via the BOLDRoute methodology that consists of assessment (brainstorming, ideating, strategizing) and implementation (collaboration, rollout, training, and support) phases. The company also has a happiness index metric in place that can measure customer satisfaction. They also embrace the BOLDBelief notion of duly giving back to society.

With its solution stack, expertise, and generous stance towards clients, employees, and the society, AlphaBOLD has carved a unique niche in the space. Going forward, AlphaBOLD plans to stay abreast of the technology innovations that can be applied to the manufacturing and AEC space, and deliver solutions that go above and beyond mere CRMs.
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Tayyab Ali, VP Consulting

Alphabold is a company of enthusiasts who believe that technology can help them change their lives for better. The organization wants to build solutions that will create joy at work and positively impact users. They also wish their solutions to be fresh because that tells their story. The company is trying to build a community, and they call it BOLDCommunity, where consultants and customers are one. They work together to create solutions that benefit other customers. For consulting services, AlphaBOLD implements Dynamics 365, SharePoint, BI, and custom solutions for its customers. AlphaBOLD also has solutions built for the construction, manufacturing, and retail industry. The solution is also building add-ons like migration tools, archival service, OneWindow operation, and BOLDSync suite that assist customers in solving problems efficiently