Jetlore, Inc.: AI-Powered CRM

Jetlore, Inc.: AI-Powered CRM

Eldar Sadikov, Founder & CEO, Jetlore, IncEldar Sadikov, Founder & CEO
Until recently, there was no concept of CRM for B2C and more specifically—retail. In the past, retailers would use an email service complimented by a handful of rule-driven marketing automation systems like A/B testing tools, recommender systems, triggered messaging systems, and on-site widgets. Many of these systems have a concept of user id/cookie, and they fire events based on rules and workflows where there are “IF” conditionals with “AND” and “OR” clauses. Such workflows with rules for content or marketing communication are hard to get right and require a great deal of effort from marketers to deploy, maintain, and re-iterate.

Today, the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) addresses this issue. Rather than hard-coding rules, AI predicts unique user attributes—like fit, style, size, lifetime value—churn probability, and then defines content in terms of these attributes. Being an early leader in this space, Jetlore powers CRM experiences for B2C enterprises through the use of AI. “Our idea is to take channels currently curated by editors and empower these workflows with AI, backed by a deep understanding of the customer behind each experience,” explains Eldar Sadikov, Co- Founder and CEO, Jetlore. “Jetlore has fundamentally changed the way retailers market by empowering human workflows with Artificial Intelligence.” The company’s AI-driven engine helps build stronger customer loyalty with lower churn rates and drives massive revenue for retailers.

The company offers two products—Jetlore Predictive Layouts and Jetlore Predictive Ranking—to support retailers’ CRM efforts. Jetlore Predictive Layouts provides a way for marketing teams to individualize the email, web page, or mobile screen experience of each user without engineering or segmentation overhead.

Jetlore has fundamentally changed the way retailers market by empowering human workflows with Artificial Intelligence

Marketers exercise complete control over the type of content eligible for display in each position and the relation between content in different positions. “Predictive Layouts ensures no two customers see the same content, and no one customer sees the same content twice,” cites Sadikov. “This results in 100 percent individualization of the CRM marketing channel boosting revenue by 50-70 percent.”

While Predictive Layouts focuses on landing pages and emails, Predictive Ranking is designed to personalize product listing pages. Predictive Ranking sorts products for each user, based on the product semantic attributes like brand, color, size, and fit. It compares the attributes of products to its predicted attribute profile of the user, scores each product, and then sorts the results in real-time. This ensures that every user sees unique products for them at the very top that fit their preferences. This drives an increase in conversion rates, revenue per visit, ultimately improving the user experience. “Our AI-driven ranking engine learns user preferences at the semantic level and dynamically adapts to each customer in real time,” says Sadikov. This in turn reduces manual labor that is involved in updating pages, email templates, and web/email production.

Helmed by a team of subject matter experts in data science, machine learning, and systems engineering, the company aims to achieve new heights by expanding its global footprint to the European markets in the near future. Jetlore also plans to expand its expertise to various markets outside retail like media and banking. While the company seizes new opportunities in other sectors, it also plans to release an analytics solution to deliver raw predicted user data from the Jetlore platform, such as favorite brands, fit, lifetime value, churn probability, predicted time to shop, and more.