Cegid [EPA: CGD]: Gaining Holistic View of Customer Base through CRM Software

Cegid [EPA: CGD]: Gaining Holistic View of Customer Base through CRM Software

Patrick Bertrand, CEO, CegidPatrick Bertrand, CEO
With more and more customers demanding a consistent and personalized shopping experience, retailers are implementing modern cloud and mobile based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that supports them to deliver exclusive customer service, enhance customer retention and growth strategies. However, often retailers find it increasingly challenging to capture data related to customers’ preferences and buying habits across many sales points. In such a scenario, retailers need customized and integrated CRM software solutions to manage all customer touch points effectively. Specialized in omni-channel retailing, mobility, and retail intelligence, Cegid [EPA: CGD] provides an integrated CRM software, which delivers a holistic view of each customer’s preferences, transactions, and behaviors by capturing information from customer touch points such as store, online, mobile, catalogue, and phone. “Our mission is to transform the challenges of retailers into measurable returns to ensure success,” says Patrick Bertrand, CEO, Cegid.

Cegid’s software, Yourcegid Retail facilitates complete understanding of the customer base which in turn enables retailers to tailor loyalty programs and marketing communications to each of the customers, which makes them feel unique while improving brand loyalty and increasing sales and return on investment. It also reduces the costs to acquire new customers, provides more customized up-sell and cross sell opportunities, and enables more effective marketing communications. Yourcegid Retail supports retailers boost business efficiency by providing better forecasting and budgeting of sales for segmented customers. Yourcegid Retail solutions are used by more than 1000 retailers and 2,500 stores worldwide.

To enrich customer purchasing experience, expand the omnichannel experience, and create new opportunities for generating purchases, Cegid has released a mobile application, Yourcegid Retail Mobile Clienteling Y2. It enables managers to manage their retail, CRM and omnichannel activity in detail by transforming all customer and sales data into indicators and interactive dashboards.

Our mission is to transform the challenges of retailers into measurable returns to ensure success

The app has simple and intuitive decision-making tools that are specifically created for specialized retailers with between 20 and several hundred stores.

Apart from CRM solutions, the company also provides a range of other services such as merchandise management, EPOS, and store management, and business intelligence.

Cegid Retail’s end-to-end retail software solutions, international expertise in retailing, and group of globally recognized power and financial backing support customers to gain a competitive advantage. Cegid supported L’Occitane, a renowned brand specializing in pure and natural cosmetics and perfumes, to expand internationally alongside managing its network of stores worldwide. To speed up the expansion process, L’Occitane partnered with Cegid and implemented Yourcegid Retail. The all-encompassing, innovative management solution assisted L’Occitane and offered new and high value-added CRM functions by adapting powerful loyalty management engine to the needs of each country. Additionally, Yourcegid Retail also facilitated in-store mobility, omnichannel integration, and biometric identification of sales staff. L’Occitane was able to simplify more complex interaction with its customers, manage loyalty points in real-time across all sales channels, customize promotions, and offer click and collect services.

Having a strong footprint in the retail industry, Cegid promises to support retailers deliver its customers with a rich shopping experience by using more channels and connected devices to interact with retailers. The company plans to strengthen its position in software solutions for specialty retail and intends to expand its operations internationally while supporting digital transformation and digitization inside the store in the coming days.